Posted by: Rolf | February 20, 2008

Golfing with the Master…

I enjoy the game of golf because it is so similar to the game of life, with it’s many obstacles, struggles, victories, conflicts, and blessings. If you’re not modest about your abilities when you start playing the game, it won’t take long for you to assume a role of humility…that’s the nature of the game.

So what are some of the specific comparisons between golf and life? For one, in golf there is always the issue of the proper stance, whether the open stance, the straight stance, or the knock-kneed stance. I’ve seen some golfers with an indescribable stance. But the stance dictates everything. In life, too, you and I will always assume some kind of stance…a stand for what we believe, for how we’ll live our life, and for what kind of legacy we’ll want to leave behind.

Golf is much more than a game. It has been called the sport that reveals the insides of people. It demands concentration and commitment, practice and humility. It’s the ultimate analogy for our spiritual life.

I hope and pray that the fundamental golf strategies will give you inside tips, hints, and pointers on your favorite game and on getting to know God more intimately. Our efforts in faith may not always “rattle the pin”, but we know that’s the ideal, and we proceed accordingly. Fortunately, where our own skill is inadequate, God’s grace takes control and gives us the Master’s accuracy. On that we can depend, so long as we’re trying to hit the target.

In His Grip & Grace…


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