Posted by: Rolf | February 20, 2008

I know you’re thinking about golf…

The snow is melting, the temperatures warming and the days getting longer. You’ve been practicing putting all winter long in the basement, gone to the indoor dome facility to stay loose and limber, and even started to take some swings in your backyard.

Welcome to the official start of the “golf bug” season…when you experience an uncontrollable itch to play and have recurring visions of longer, straighter drives. It gets more and more serious every day and there’s only one known remedy… Get out and play some golf!

But before you hit the links, ask yourself what attracts you to playing the game? Golf is clearly one of the most challenging and, at the same time, humbling experiences man has ever invented. Those of us who have been struck by the lure of the game can attest to its pleasures and frustrations.

One of the attractions of golf for me is its many parallels to “the game of life.” Life is also played on a course, the course of our life. As in golf, our daily walk through life brings new opportunity and new challenges. There is adversity to be avoided or overcome, the beauty of life and nature to be explored, and relationships with people and God to be developed.

See you at the first tee…


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