Posted by: Rolf | February 22, 2008

Great Golf Books…

We have compiled a list of golf books to help golfers to improve their game and become better golfers by teaching all aspects of the game called “Life”.

It doesn’t matter if you are a senior golfer playing more now that you have retired or a brand new enthusiast looking to establish a strong golf foundation. There are no tricks, fluff or gimmicks, only solid information that will improve your physical and mental golfing skills as well as your general knowledge about God and golf.

For less than the price of a good putter you can buy a small library of great books that will tell you all you need to know about God and Golf.You probably will find the books listed below to contain some really good golf game improvement ideas and wonderful opportunities to make friends with other golfers.

A Golfer’s Day with the Master – by Dorothy Ederer

A Golf Journey: Golf Was My Godby Gene Burress

And then God created Golf – by James R. Bolley

Finishing the Course – by Jim Sheard & Wally Armstong

Focus – The Name of the Game – by Scott Simpson, Larry Mize & Loren Roberts

God Plays Golf – by David Curry

Golfing with the Master – by Phil Callaway

Golf is God’s Game – by Tony M. Small

Golf Lessons With God – by Ron Christensen

In His Grip – by Jim Sheard & Wally Armstong

It’s How You Play the Game – by Steve Riach

Life Lessons from the Game of Golf – by Steve Riach

Links Player Handbook by Jim Sheard and Steve Arnold

Out of the Rough – by James Dyet

Playing the Game – by Jim Sheard & Wally Armstong

Tee-ology – by John Freeman

The Golf Almanac – by Jack Kreismer

The Golfer’s Tee Time Devotional – by James R. Bolley

The Heart of a Golfer – by Wally Armstrong with Frank Martin

The Master’s Grip – by Jim Sheard with Scott Lehman

The Mulligan by Wally Armstrong & Ken Blanchard

The Way of an Eagle – by Robert Darden & P.J. Richardson

They Call It Golf – by Brownlow

Transform Your Game – by Roger & Becky Tirabassi

Winning your golfing friend to Christby Jack Kelly

With God on the Golf Course – by Phil Callaway

Reality is, you can buy all the special clubs and fancy balls you can afford (or even ones that you can’t) and still never actually improve as a golfer. It is our hope that these books will help you, not only with your golf game, but we pray that it will also help deepen your faith as you focus on our awesome God, who loves each of us with an everlasting love.

See you at the first tee…


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