Posted by: Rolf | April 10, 2008

Origin of Golfer’s Day

When: Always on April 10th

Our extensive research on this day came up with very little substantial information around the history or origin of this day. Golfer’s Day was likely established by an avid golf lover or a golf-related group, who was eager to find an excuse to get out and play golf on this day (or any day for that matter).

Some avid golfers might suggest that any and every day is Golfer’s Day. But on this day, it’s official. The only question is does this day honor the golfer, the sport, or the weather? Well, it’s a little of each. Golfer’s Day is an opportunity to be thankful that someone invented this addicting, yet relaxing hobby.

Also referred to as “Golf Day”, there is only one proper way to enjoy this day. And, that’s out on the golf course. When Golfer’s Day falls on a weekday, it is even more special. That means you now have an excuse to take a day off of from work and go play a round …or two. Regardless of your score today, you know that even a bad day on the greens, is better than a good day at work.

To get the golf season started on the right foot here are some spiritual wisdom insights for the fairways extracted from the book A Golfer’s Day with the Master written by Sister Dorothy Ederer:

1. The Divine Master will always be number one, thy family second, and golf third.
2. God’s name will be used only to praise.
3. Every day will be holy, with the Master as thy partner.
4. Thou shall not pick up golf balls while they are still rolling.
5. Thou shall not try to kill the ball; an easy stroke will take it farther.
6. Thou shall not steal tees or balls from your partner’s golf bag.
7. Thou shall count all thy strokes.
8. Thou shall witness thy partner’s birdie, which landed one inch from the hole.
9. Thou shall not covet thy partner’s score.
10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s golf sweaters.

See you at the first tee…


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