Posted by: Rolf | April 19, 2008

Covert Cooler

There are a lot of golf-related inventions out there geared to attract golf geeks. Here are some of the golf gadgets I came across on the Internet. Today’s showcase item is the “Covert Cooler.”

Beverages and golf go together like . . . well, beverages and golf. Since the ancient Aztecs played tlachtli and ate fermented berries, and the Romans drank wine and cheered on the Gladiators, libations and games of sport have been partners in fun.

Golf and Beverages are Best Friends. They love each other. So, of course, the relationship between the two has a colorful and storied past. They have spawned all sorts of fun products, unique micro-brews, course policies, drink specials, and more!

These days, more often than not, your day of golf begins by being greeted with a sign upon your arrival:



There are reasons for this rule. If a course is licensed to sell beverages, it is in most states technically illegal to bring your own supplies onto the premises that were not purchased from the licensee. It is similar to bringing your own drinks to a bar.

On the other hand, how many timeshave you been tired, frustrated, and dehydrated out there in the blazing sun on the 13th hole? The golf club’s little beverage cart is nowhere in sight. Or, if it does come zipping by at just the right time, they try to charge you an arm and a leg for a simple beer or soda! It’s enough to aggravate even the mellowest player and certainly enough to push an already struggling golfer over the edge into broken-club-land.

Now there is a way to incorporate a brewsky into your game, just be sure to follow the course rules as best you can. There are many beverage-friendly courses across the nation where you can take a swing and then take a swig (or vice-versa).

The solution is the Covert Cooler, made specifically to fit into the shoe pocket of your golf bag. And it’s made so that your beverage of choice can be slipped out of the bag quickly and covertly–without shuffling through multiple compartments or bumbling through several sets of zippers. It has a built in watertight compartment designed to be used with ice or ice packs.

Now you can share an ice-cold beverage with your golfing partner(s), celebrate on the spot a hole in one with your buddies or drown your sorrows as you watch your ball sink into the water trap. No more waiting for the beverage cart to bring you your favorite libation!!!

See you at the first tee…


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