Posted by: Rolf | May 11, 2008

Wasted Faith

Wasted Faith

This month I will retreat for two weekends of golf fellowship to take a break from the stressful “wear and tear” that commonly confronts those in the “helping” profession.

At times we need to “rest” from ministry pressures and demands, “recharge” our spiritual and physical needs, and “renew” body, mind and spirit as Jesus commands his “weary” workers in Mark 6:31.

I have to admit that I am still learning to “rest” in the Lord instead of “doing”!

Sometime ago in my quite time with the Lord I read the booklet “Wasted Faith”.

What struck me most alarming is this “risky” willingness of today’s Christians to “gamble” eternity on an emotional one-time experience, or a “sinners prayer” properly prayed, or some “feeling” of substantial relief at a juncture in time, without ever taking a “serious” look at what is evident now, at this moment.

Is eternal “life” of so little value that it becomes a “waste of time” to examine ourselves for “evidence” of it?

If you are a professing “Christian” you are in one of three categories:

• You may be a Christian and have biblical reasons to think so.
• You may be a Christian yet struggle with troubling doubts.
• You may think you are a Christian yet be deceived.

“Wasted Faith” is a great booklet to help you determine just where you stand. I hope it will refresh your thinking as it has mine, and encourage you to continue to be the “salt and light” in today’s society facing mounting pressures of spiritual warfare.

“Wasted Faith” is written to help those who claim to be Christians to “know for sure” they are in God’s family. It is sober look at the nature of “authentic” faith and its various “counterfeits.”

I have several copies of the booklet to “spare” so please contact me with your address if you would like a “free” copy.

You can also listen to “Wasted Faith” at:

I treasure your “prayers” in the coming weeks for “safe travel, solid relationships, sterling fellowships, stamina, and soul” sharing opportunities.

I look forward with great “anticipation” what God has in store for me in the “best” years to come as I “obediently” follow his leading.

In His Grip and Serving Grace…


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