Posted by: Rolf | May 20, 2008

Half Time…

During recent air travels I had the opportunity to read Bob Buford’s book “Half Time”, a blend of personal insights, true life examples, and quotes from those who have successfully navigated the exhilarating and potentially dangerous shoals of midlife.“Half Time” provides encouragement and wisdom to propel your life on a new course away from mere success to true significance…and the best years of your life.

Many successful business and professional leaders launch into the half-time of life by asking themselves “Is there more to life than my current situation – is there life after success?”

If you’re not at home as much as you’d like to be, if your values are being tested every single moment, wake up!There’s something wrong…Find your own significant contribution.Start today by asking yourself some deep, probing questions:

  • ·Am I missing anything in my life right now that’s important to me?
  • ·What am I passionate about?
  • ·Which of my dreams have not been fulfilled yet?
  • ·What gives my life meaning?
  • ·What do I want to be doing in ten years? In twenty years?
  • ·What gifts has God given me that have been perfected over time?
  • ·What gifts has he given me that I am unable to use?
  • ·What would I be willing to die for?
  • ·What is it about my job that makes me feel trapped?
  • ·What realistic changes can I make in my employment?
  • ·Would I be willing to take a less stressful (and lower paying) job in order to be happier – to be closer to my true self?
  • ·What steps do I need to take tomorrow in order to have a second half that is even more fulfilling than my first half?

George Barna, the well-known pollster, says there are 10,800 people turning 50 everyday, and most will not finish well. Effective living requires us to be aware of our purpose and our unique contribution and live consistent with our God-given design and desires. By discovering our design, defining our contribution, and creating a personal development plan, one can maximize his next phase of life.

In His Grip & Grace…


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