Posted by: Rolf | June 8, 2008

Taming your Emotions…

Do you tend to buckle under pressure? Get stressed out, overwhelmed? These are important questions, because it is when problems arise in your life that a mental coup is likeliest to occur—when the dictator in your mind works hardest to conquer you.

Sometimes, life can seem like a litany of problems. You get sick or injured. A family member mistreats you. You have money troubles, job troubles. When those issues come up, how do you respond? Do you face them? Do you maintain a positive approach to solving them? Do you seek wise counsel?

Or—do you get moody and depressed? Does it seem fairly often that you need a good cry? Do you complain, whine and gossip? Blame other people? Do you deny the issue is even a problem? Try to ignore it or escape it? Do you just quit—roll over and see how bad it will get? If you tend to take any of these latter approaches, that is a sign that you are under the power of this mental despot.

What is it? It is emotion! Emotion can be one of the most enjoyable blessings we possess. Without it, our lives would be bland, flat, and colorless— hardly worth living. Our relationships would be boring, our jobs monotonous. However, if you fail to assess and, to a large degree, master your own emotions, that is a virtual guarantee that you will often mismanage your problems and create many new ones.

How skilled are you at handling this critical part of life? Are you constantly riding the extremes of the emotional spectrum? Or, on the other hand, are you casual or indifferent about things you should feel deeply about? Your personal fulfillment, happiness, peace and well-being depend in large measure upon your answers to these questions.

Many people are mature physically and intellectually, but have simply never grown up emotionally. And that reality is reflected in failed relationships, personal dissatisfaction, depression and misery.

We need to give serious thought to how we measure up in this critical area of our personal development, and how we can grow beyond where we are. We must tame that mental dictator, and learn emotional maturity.

In His Grip and Serving Grace…


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