Posted by: Rolf | June 10, 2008

Happy Father’s Day…

One of golf’s most endearing qualities comes from the opportunity it presents families to participate in the game together. Fathers and children can toss around a football or a baseball and can attend a game together, but golf is one of the few sports where a father and son or daughter can match athletic ability in a true contest. Most children are introduced to the game of golf by their fathers.

Golf and Father’s Day are an inseparable twosome. For many golfers it will be a joyous day — a round of golf with friends in the morning and an afternoon spent enjoying one of the great sports championships on television. Perhaps there is an additional irony in this connection between golf and the day set aside for fathers, because for many men their golf game is actually like one of their children. Lest you think my golf game has made me crazy, just bear with me.

Everyone who plays golf knows that there is both a psychological and spiritual aspect to the game that serves as a major attraction. The Holy Grail of golf is the endless pursuit of “being in the zone,” that effortless moment when the club seems to make perfect contact with the ball and the result is the shot of our dreams.

On some days your golf game makes you joyous and cheerful beyond belief, while at other times it drags you down to despair and grief. Are your children any different? Golf, like parenting, is a challenging task because, like a teenager, it can be difficult to understand. But perseverance leads to happiness for both golfers and fathers. Indeed, for many dads, their special day will be made even more enjoyable by a round of golf with their son or daughter.

See you at the first tee…


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