Posted by: Rolf | July 1, 2008

The Golden Years…

I’ve begun to fully realize what a great time of life the senior years bring! Finally some lessons have been learned. From the perspective of the senior years, one can appreciate Winston Churchill’s observation that success ultimately comes after making many mistakes along the way.

One of the great things about the senior years is the tempering effect they can bring to the behavioral tendencies of one’s more youthful years. I guess that’s called mellowing. Perhaps, for some, this comes from seeing the humorous side of all of our huffing and puffing and strivings after wind through much of life, when, on reflection, we see the way of life that the Founder of true Christianity laid out for us is so elegantly straightforward by comparison. If only we had known that earlier in life!

Another great thing about the senior years is being able to speak from experience. Youth speaks out of brashness, even braggadocio, often in ignorance, and certainly from an innate lack of real wisdom born of real experience. Yet this fact cannot be as readily appreciated, deeply, by youth as it can by the one of senior years. The senior possesses a long-term perspective with which to look back through the years to perceive the folly of foolish ways compared to the blessedness of righteous ways.

And there’s another blessing that comes from these senior years. Remember when you just could not visualize being old? Remember when you thought anyone over 40 was definitely over the hill, till suddenly you were 40—and still able to run, jump, jog and play golf with those half your age?

If you are blessed to be of that generation with a lifetime’s experience behind you, a senior, truly appreciative of the ancient values that have contributed to the golden years being the happiest of your life, share the proof of that way with others. Tell your experiences to the younger ones and put in your vote for a better society, one that upholds real, lasting values, with the only vote that counts in the final analysis—your own living example!

See you at the first tee…


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