Posted by: Rolf | November 4, 2009

Learn to Live With Stress…

We can’t possibly avoid all stress. It is a natural part of living in this 21st century. We simply need to learn how much we can handle and take steps to avoid excessive stress. Negative stress burns up needed energy and causes fatigue. Poor health on top of excessive stress can drag one down into the depths of mental and emotional despair and can amplify life’s smaller problems and irritations.

Improving our general physical health boosts our stress capacity. Moderate exercise relieves tension and builds stamina. A healthy, physically fit person can handle a substantial amount of pressure. Such a person is more adaptable to change and generally possesses a positive and hopeful outlook.

In the interest of improving your general health so that you may better manage stress, consider the seven basic laws of radiant health: 1) Eating the correct foods, 2) cleanliness and personal hygiene, 3) sunshine and fresh air, 4) proper exercise, 5) the right amount of sleep and rest, 6) avoiding bodily injury, and 7) maintaining a tranquil mind and developing self control.

The last law is vital: We all need “quiet time” when the tensions of life build up. A healthy diversion—a change of pace or scenery—is often invaluable. Meditation and prayer in a private place are highly recommended in the Bible to help develop self-control and peace of mind (Psalm 63:5-6).

One way to relax and sooth rattled nerves is to listen to inspiring music. Consider reading an uplifting book, watching an inspirational film or documentary, playing sports with friends or family, or taking a trip to a park or an area of natural beauty where you can observe God’s “great outdoors.” Take an annual vacation. Some use hobbies as a form of quiet diversion away from people and problems.

Strive to do all things in moderation and balance, not going to extremes in relaxing (to the point of laziness) or working (to the point of becoming a workaholic). In contemplating a situation or issue, ask yourself, What is the worst possible scenario that could happen? Upon answering that question, accept that scenario as a possibility. If it is particularly terrible, you can even pray for the ability to accept that it could occur. Once you have done this, everything else that might occur will seem entirely positive!

In His Grip and Serving Grace…


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