Posted by: Rolf | February 8, 2011

Be Realistic…

We live in a negative, stress-filled world. We know we will have disappointments in life from time to time. None of us can have smooth sailing 100 percent of the time. Stressed people don’t accept this simple fact. They tend to mentally magnify their problems out of proportion—making mountains out of molehills. They become so wrapped up in their problems and difficulties (real or imagined), they become almost immobilized.

Don’t dwell on past mistakes and failures. We all have regrets. Learn from them and move on. Don’t wallow in self-pity; for if you do, you’ll remain in a stressful situation. Some situations are beyond our control. We have to accept them. Why continue to slog away in a no-win situation? Instead, act where possible, but also realize and accept limitations when and where they exist.

Become more goal-oriented; realize there are steps you can take to manage your time more effectively. If you’re losing sleep or stressing because there is not enough time in the day, take steps to plan your time effectively. Buy a day planner and use it. Before you go to bed at night, plan your next day. On a Sunday, when perhaps you have a little more time, take a few moments to plan the week. When planning, prioritize your activities, ensuring the most important come first. Strive for balance between work, family and personal recreation.

Too much time spent in any one of these sectors of life can lead to stress and anxiety in the other areas. Too much work will lead to family problems. Too much recreation can lead to problems at work and at home. Aim for balance. When possible, plan ahead in order to avoid any last-minute scrambling and the associated stress. Begin work on new job projects and assignments as soon as you receive them, avoiding the habit of leaving them to the last minute.

Whether we like it or not, our lives are stressful. We must learn to see this in a positive light. Simply think positive! The summer of 1776 was a stressful period for many leading American politicians, especially Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. But what was the end product of all the stress? An independent America! A few years later, the United States Constitution was born out of intense stress and concern. Very rarely do great things happen without some associated stress.

There is no need to avoid all stress in our lives. We simply need to learn how to effectively manage it—even causing it to work for us. Next time you are faced with a stressful situation or issue, strive to remove any temptation to turn to drugs or alcohol. That’s pure escapism. Face up to life and remember the techniques on managing stress. Accept stress as a fact of life. Learn to live with it. Develop a positive mental attitude; strive to focus your mind on others instead of yourself; be realistic and develop a game plan to cope with stress.

In His Grip and Serving Grace…


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