Posted by: Rolf | April 16, 2011

Dreaming of a Better Way…

In our world today there is a great emphasis on productivity and performance.  In order to get somewhere you must work constantly and be willing to do anything to succeed.  But is there a better way to look at the road to success?  If there is, can dreaming and visualizing be that way?

The idea behind getting what you want at any price raises many questions about the ends justifying the means. The possible benefits of conceptualizing may go further than just motivation; it may actually help a person realize a better method of obtaining their goals.

The first goal common to all of us is health and energy. We all want to be healthy and fit, to have high levels of energy and to live free of pain and illness. Today, with the incredible advances in medical science, the quality of our health and fitness, and our lifespan, is largely determined by design, not by chance. People with excellent health habits are far healthier, have more energy, and live longer and better than people who have poor health habits.

The second goal that we all have in common is to enjoy excellent relationships–intimate, personal or social–with the people we like and respect, and who like, love and respect us in turn. Fully 85% of your happiness will be determined by the quality of your relationships at each stage, and in each area, of your life. How well you get along with people, and how much they like, love and respect you, has more impact on the quality of your life than perhaps any other factor.

The third common goal is to do work that we enjoy, to do it well, and to be well paid for it. You want to be able to get and keep the job you want, to get paid more and promoted faster. You want to earn the very most that is possible for you at each stage of your career, whatever you do.

The fourth goal we all have in common is to achieve financial independence. You want to reach the point in life where you have enough money so that you never have to worry about money again. You want to be completely free of financial worries. You want to be able to order dinner in a restaurant without using the price listings to determine what you want to eat.

Our dreams and our aspirations are our invitations to set new goals, attempt new tasks, dare to travel uncharted courses. So where does this leave us?  It seems that those individuals, who have the tendency to get caught up in their daydreams and imaginary sequences with no real intention of making a reality from those scenarios, will most likely be seen as slackers.

However, many with the powerful ability to imagine with aspiration, and then take action towards their goals, seem to be the ones that succeed.  The beauty of the possible benefits of dreaming and visualizing is the idea that these practices can be applied to many areas of your life.   Whether someone is trying to get rich, become a better athlete, or even become more socially active, having a mental picture of what success looks and feels like can be the “X-factor” that can make success possible.

In His Grip and Serving Grace…


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