Posted by: Rolf | May 18, 2011

The only golf club you will ever need…

There are a lot of golf-related inventions out there geared to attract golf geeks. Here are some of the golf gadgets I came across on the Internet. Today’s showcase item is the “Multi-Club.”

In these days of ever-growing convenience you could call it par for the course. Inventors have come up with a golf club that can be adjusted to mimic a bag of woods and irons. The club can be everything from a putter to a driver thanks to a device inside the heel that tilts the head in 33 way.

It allows golfers to choose from five putters, two drivers, three fairway woods, 14 irons, or nine wedges – all at the turn of a dial. The 33-In-1 Golf Club, which costs £123, retracts to 19in for ease of portability during travel or on the golf course, said maker Hammacher Schlemmer.

Keen golfer Ian Findlay, 60, from Luton said: “When you start to get on a bit, it can be a bit taxing carrying all these clubs around.”  But this is ideal for me. I’m not the greatest golfer in the world but with all the walking I do around a course, it offers a bit of a respite for me.  “But it is taking a bit of a short-cut. I don’t think it will ever catch on in the modern game but it is one hell of a gadget.”

See you at the first tee…


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