Posted by: Rolf | September 27, 2011

There can be no finer role model than your own dad…

Thanks for the golf tips, Dad… but do I have to wear the same gear? Talk about a chip off the old block. John Daly put in some practice at St Andrews on Monday with his son John Junior, age eight. Junior even donned a pair of matching trousers.

First Wild Thing, now Child Thing.

JD, who has endured a rollercoaster career in the game, is preparing for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.

The veteran American last week walked out of the Austrian Open after a row over his two-shot penalty. At the 15th hole, JD stormed off after an argument over where his ball should have been dropped after nestling under a tower structure.

Tournament referee Andy McFee said: “I told him it was a two-shot penalty,” at which point JD said “I’m done”.

“If you play from a wrong place, and it’s a serious breach then there could be a disqualification.”  But we always try to avoid this. Since I knew it was not a serious breach I said “You can carry on John”. But John did not want to do that.

This happens often in golf. Some players just walk because they’re not playing particularly well and don’t want to post an “embarrassing” score, so they make their excuses and go. I think JD was 4 under at the time but once the blood starts to curdle it’s impossible to play golf properly. At least he was courteous to his partners when he left them. I remember Sandy Lyle in the Open a few years ago ducking out because it was windy and raining.

JD Junior should have his shirt tucked in though!

We just don’t have icons in golf like John Daly anymore!

See you at the first tee…


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