Posted by: Rolf | February 25, 2012

Not very sportsmanlike

Golf is known as a sport for quiet, respectful gentlemen.

No such players were present on Shalimar Pointe Country Club when two 71-year-old men attacked some teen pranksters who blasted air-horns during their swing while they were out on the course on Saturday afternoon.

Ronald Richardson and Donald Nieto were arrested and charged with child abuse after they hit an unidentified 15-year-old boy with a metal golf ball retriever. The teen and some friends apparently blew a loud air horn near the pair when they were about to tee off at the Florida golf course’s ninth hole.

Knowing that their stunt was going to be unpopular with Richardson and Nieto, the boys ran off. The real trouble began when the 15-year-old returned to the scene to collect his jacket, and that is when the men “responded by striking (the teenager) with the golf ball retriever to keep him from being able to pick up the jacket,” reads the arrest report.

Richardson admitted to hitting the boy’s “back side area… and maybe on his arm” three or four times, and Nieto did so with the metal golf ball retriever. At one point, they used the metal contraption to keep the boy from getting to his jacket.

Though the men initially denied the altercation, they eventually relented when they realized that one of the other teens had videotaped the incident. The recording was passed on from one of their parents to police, who then showed it to Richardson and Nieto when they were arrested.

This is not the first time that this stunt has been met with an aggressive response. The daredevil stars of the movie “Jackass” hid in some bushes on a golf course and repeatedly blew a similar air horn while players were in the middle of their back swing.

In the 2002 film, one pair of male golfers who fell victim to the stunts of actor Johnny Knoxville and crew ended up throwing a metal club at the trouble makers. They also proceeded to whack golf balls in the group’s direction. Here is the video for your enjoyment Jackass – Golf Course Air horn

Both the unidentified Florida boy and the Jackass actors were not seriously injured in their respective incidents.

See you on the first tee..


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