Posted by: Rolf | June 11, 2012

Golf Boys

Ben Crane released his latest video featuring fellow PGA Tour players Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan. The four-some formed golf’s first boy band called “The Golf Boys” debuting their first “hit” single “Oh Oh Oh”.

If Ben Crane’s earlier videos are any indication we can expect great things from “Oh Oh Oh”. Rickie Fowler was interviewed earlier about the music video and he said they are just having some fun and being silly. But there’s no need to just be a one hit wonder. The Lonely Island Boys are living proof you can have success by mastering the art of musical crossover by combing goofy lyrics with a dope beat.

Can you imagine going out to your favorite bar/club and everyone is dancing while Bubba, Rickie, Ben and Hunter are rapping? Enjoy!

Here are Ben Crane’s earlier hilarious videos:

“Ben Crane – Working Out.” The beauty of Twitter revealed again… a relatively unknown PGA Tour golfer can show his true personality.

“Ben Crane – On Pre Round.” Ben Crane produced another pretty hilarious video, this one on finding his peace and silence on a golf course. Crane is clearly making a PR effort to get himself better known by fans, and I’m all for it. Pre-Summer 2010 Ben Crane was known only by hardcore golf fans and mostly as the slowest player on Tour. While he may still be that- if he keeps producing videos like this it’s at least not going to be what he’s known for. I’m guessing there are a lot of really funny good-guys on Tour, and thanks mostly to Twitter we’re starting to see that to be the truth. Old Tom Morris may be rolling over in his grave- but I try to limit how much stock I take in what a pile of dust thinks.

“Ben Crane – On Dance.” Ben Crane is back at it again releasing another funny/weird video. In his latest video, he disputes the claim that he’s a boring person by saying he “grew up in a dance academy”. What’s next involves a porn mustache, some awful dancing and weird outfits, which – you guessed it – makes for a great video. I’m not sure how much time Ben spends making these videos. But if his speed on the golf course is any indication, he probably spends way too much time and only sees a marginal reward. Zing!

See you on the first tee…


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