Posted by: Rolf | June 25, 2012


There are a lot of golf-related inventions out there geared to attract golf geeks. Here are some of the golf gadgets I came across on the Internet. Today’s showcase item is the “UroClub™”.

Since I play golf, and occasionally have this problem, I found this gadget interesting.

How many times has this happened to you? You arrive at the golf course, and soon you’re on to 18 holes with your best buddies. After drinking some Gatorade, water, beer, or whatever your preferred libation is, you’re on the 3rd hole with no rest room in sight. There are no trees or bushes around and you just gotta go, what are you going to do?

Well, here comes the “UroClub™”, a relieve can made to look like a golf club. Every aspect of this piece of equipment has been meticulously worked out to make it simple and trouble free to use. To start with, the “UroClub™” is designed from a light weight resin with a molded grip. The cap opens and closes easily and is designed with a triple sealing system to ensure that it is leak proof.

The privacy shield hooks to the sides of the pants or belt and adds stability. This allows freedom of the hands to manipulate the club and zipper. The entire club is made of a non-porous material. Therefore, caring and cleaning is effortless!

The “UroClub™” is intended to eliminate anxiety and any feeling of uneasiness on the course. It can be emptied at the nearest restroom or later on, when the golfer returns home. Capacity: Over half a liter, twice the volume commonly urinated. Length: Like a standard 7 Iron.

Whoever came up with this gadget I give them credit for the genius behind the idea, but honestly when I do golf and something like this would happen to me…I really just pee in front of everyone. I may be shy, but my bladder is not.

Classic David Feherty Quote

David Feherty was asked by a golfer to address the issue of golfers urinating on the course. The guy said that the idea that his golf ball would be dampened by another’s “recycled beverage” is particularly disturbing given his tendency to take deep divots and clean his golf ball with the “lick the thumb, wipe the golf ball with the thumb and repeat” move. Should there be a penalty assessed against the offenders or should he just change his swing path and golf ball cleaning move? I would sincerely appreciate your input on this issue. Thanks in advance.

David answered: “Don’t be so squeamish, you paranoid, panty-wasted hairdresser. Peeing on the golf course is a “time-honored tradition,” like slamming your club into a ball washer in the middle of your opponent’s back swing. Let’s take the positive approach and see this behavior as an opportunity to consider the type of beverage consumed. If it was wine, what kind was it? Red or white; a nice cab or a burgundy; hints of berry and chocolate; tawny but not pretentious? Or is it just salty? How about beer? Domestic or imported; lager or dark; bottled or canned? There are all kinds of permutations to be considered here. But most of all, have fun with it. All I want is to be able to pee a full stream again.” Gosh, isn’t it fun playing golf?

See you on the first tee…


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