Posted by: Rolf | July 28, 2012

Feherty/Daly Stunt

John Daly has long been the most interesting player on the PGA Tour—“a beer-drinking, cigarette-smoking, goofy pants-wearing,” real life Happy Gilmore. And if you match him up with the outspoken and often controversial Northern Irishman David Feherty you have a pretty entertaining “duo” doing something you probably shouldn’t try at home.

David Feherty had the crazy idea to put a golf tee in his mouth and let John Daly, one of the longest hitters in golf, crank out a drive. What could go wrong, right?

You have to love how David lays down and puts the tee in his mouth like it’s no big deal. Daly asks Feherty if he’s ready and then bombs one off the tee. You can hear the producer in the background trying to get him to reconsider.

Seriously, that has to be one of the craziest stunts I’ve ever seen. Feherty deserves credit for staying cool under pressure, but wow, you have to wonder what was going through his mind when Daly was on the downswing.

My favorite part of this clip is the trepidation expressed by the producer in the background, who says, “let’s not do anything stupid here.” That’s my thinking exactly. But hey, it makes for great TV.

People sometimes do not understand or appreciate David’s sense of humor, but I think that helps to show that he is a regular guy just like the rest of us. Feherty’s “shock jock” and “edgy humor” is part of what has made him a star.

When Feherty’s program debuted on the Golf Channel it became the most-watched series premiere in the network’s 16-year history. It was Lance Barrow, now coordinating producer for NFL telecasts on CBS, who has also been an assistant producer for the network on the Masters and PGA Championship, who first approached Feherty about moving from the course to the television studio in the mid-1990s.

“What always struck me about David,” Barrow said, “is that he reminded me of John Madden. I consider John like a second father to me, and David and John both look at games they do with a different perspective.”

Feherty is a great commentator and almost always causes a stir. His quips are “hilarious” and I am not really sure how he gets away with some of them!

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Check out “Feherty” on The Golf Channel Tuesdays at 9pm

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See you on the first tee…


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