Posted by: Rolf | August 14, 2012

Getting Relief

The lack of “Portaloo’s” on the LPGA Tour is becoming an ongoing soap opera problem for the best female golfers on the planet.

The LPGA has come under severe criticism for cutting budgets in order to save the tour. Recently, the latest luxury to be “slashed” were on course “portaloo’s.” Everybody knows it is not humanly possible for women (or for Men) to play a round of golf without peeing.

“It’s alright for guys” said one LPGA member, “If they feel need to tinkle mid-round they can hide behind a tree, pretend nothing’s going on, and open the hose.  We on the other hand have to drop a ball, squat down and pretend to be examining it closely in order to get relief”. 

Michelle Wie attempting to “get relief”

This latest urinary controversy looks likely to dribble on for some time yet.

In the mean time GoGirls is an alternate solution for active women of all types and ages who are germ-conscious and don’t have access to a sit-down toilets or don’t want to use unsanitary public toilet facilities. It’s neat, discreet, Eco-friendly and hygienic. Just hold it against your private part forming a seal, aim and, well, pee. Pretty simple, huh? It stores safely in your golf bag. No more squatting down or hiding behind bushes.

If you love golf, you’ll love GoGirl.

See you on the first tee…


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