Posted by: Rolf | November 15, 2012

Practicing the Presence of Jesus


Practicing the Presence of Jesus

I trust you all are getting into the Christmas spirit.

A few months back I read Wally Armstrong’s pre-released new paperback book, “Practicing the Presence of Jesus”.

I heard it is now available as a nice hardcover “gift” book and looks and feels a lot like the first book Wally wrote called “In His Grip.”

Do you want to experience Jesus as real? When we look at Jesus’ life on earth, we see Him calling people to simply know Him. He made no demand on them to believe theological propositions.

“Follow me” was the invitation they accepted.

There is a big difference between believing something is true and experiencing it as real. This is the story of how Wally Armstrong learned to communicate with the real person of Jesus in his everyday life. Armstrong experiences Jesus up close and personal, as a companion and friend, and introduces readers to the same experience.

In a conversational manner, he explores what it is like to have a relationship with Jesus as if He is sitting right there next to us. He shows readers how they can have this kind of transforming friendship that’s available to them right now.

The book starts out with a very unique encounter Wally had behind the 18th green at the 2004 Masters when he saw “Jesus in the Flesh” standing behind the green talking to Masters champion Ben Crenshaw.

Actually it was Jim Caviezel the actor who played “Jesus” that winter in the “Passion of Christ” but this encounter turned Wally’s life upside down, or as he says “right side up”.

If you want to “read the first chapter” and the afterword you can go to his website  where  you can find many more interesting writings and Christmas gift offers.

Golf is a wonderful metaphor for life and therefore many of the truths of golf relate directly to truths in life and faith.

Have a wonderful “Merry Christmas!”

In His Grip and Serving Grace…


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