Posted by: Rolf | March 24, 2013

Golf Tarzan

Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia might want to change his name to “Tarzan.”

The Spaniard showed off his vast talent when he was presented with an unlikely situation after his tee shot on the 10th hole landed in a tree next to the fairway.

Not only did it get stuck in the tree, it came to rest at the base of two large limbs.

Garcia looked up in the tree, stood on a cart and leapt to pull himself up into the tree.

After climbing 12 feet up an oak tree, Garcia set his feet and played a backwards one-handed shot and somehow managed to recover to the fairway on the par four hole.


He then jumped from about 8 feet up in the tree to get down, a landing that would have made any gymnast proud. Garcia showed little emotion other than to wipe off his hands and prepare to play the next shot.

Garcia wound up making double-bogey. Two holes later, the horn sounded to suspend play because of a violent thunderstorm that canceled play for the rest of the round.

“First, I went up there to identify the ball and then saw that I could make the shot with just one hand,” Garcia said on his website. “Luckily, it went well.”

The rest of the day did not.

The Spaniard was having a rough time at Bay Hill. He made a 9 on the par-5 sixth hole and was already 5-over par for his round, and 3 over for the tournament.

When Sergio climbed into a van to be taken back to the clubhouse he handed his playing partner the scorecard and said, “I’m out of here.”

Garcia withdrew from the tournament, saying on his website that his left shoulder and Achilles tendon were hurting and he did not want to risk doing more damage by finishing six holes on Monday.

During the tree shot he leaned hard on his left shoulder and tried to balance himself on one foot. Eventually, he wrapped his left arm around a limb to swat at the shot back-handed. His next shot — a chunked wedge that only went about 30 yards — was a result of his sore left shoulder.

Pulling out was “not an easy decision.” “I wanted to continue and finish the round and the tournament, in spite of it not being the best of days,” Garcia said. “But the discomfort would have been more, and I decided not to continue to avoid hurting me more.”


Garcia provided an amazing highlight Sunday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He may never win a major but he certainly has all the “Tarzan” skills as demonstrated at Bay Hill.

He plans to return to golf at the Masters.

See you at the first tee…


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