Posted by: Rolf | March 20, 2014

Are you ready for Golf?

when-golf-season-gets-here-will-you-be-readyAccording to the calendar, spring starts on March 20 this year.

However, Mother Nature, as we all know all too well, seems to keep her own calendar.

Either way, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to get in a round or two without having to wipe the snow off your golf balls!

Golf season will be here soon. Will you be ready for it?

Here are some tips and helpful gadgets which will improve your game and make your rounds more enjoyable.

Golf Bag Treadmill

You practiced your driving, putting, short game, and irons at the Indoor Dome and now it’s time to start working on your walking technique.

Are you ready for Golf 10

You also need to stuff at least five balls in your pocket, or enough to make people afraid to look at your pants.

Are you ready for Golf 01

If you have difficulties walking you might want to try the Segway Golf Cart featuring a bag carrier and a scorecard holder.

Are you ready for Golf 07

If you have difficulty finding your balls Radar golf ball emit a radio frequency signal when you get close to your ball.

Are you ready for Golf 03

If you count yourself as a true fan of the game of the golf, then it’s time to consider ditching your old iPhone charger in favor of one a little more sporty.

Are you ready for Golf 02

If you are practicing in hopes of one day being a master putter, then the Robocop and Caddy Cord set is what you need.

Are you ready for Golf 12

If you need the distance to the back, front and sides of the green, a digital scorecard and a timer that tells you how long it took to play 18 holes the Approach S3 by Garmin is the ultimate watch for golfers.

Are you ready for Golf 13

If you want to introduce your company to your playing partner the LCD Screen Golf Bag is the latest in sports marketing tools displaying your product ads.

Are you ready for Golf 05

If you want to correct faulty mechanics and improve your swing the SensoGlove Digital Golf Glove has four sensors that detect how hard you are gripping the club and gives a rating of 1-18, telling you which grip strength is ideal for each situation.

Are you ready for Golf 00

100 Glorious Father’s Day Golf Gadgets

Are you ready for Golf 09

See you at the first tee…


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