Posted by: Rolf | April 4, 2014

Tandem Golf

Tandem Golf 00Two teenage California golf “wizards” are so in sync that one can hit the others ball in amazing “mid air” trick shot.

In the video below the Alhambra high schoolers perform a “trick shot” where one of them chips the ball to the other who “swings and smashes” the ball high into midair.

The impressive “feat” requires close coordinating of skill, patience and concentration.

More than most high school juniors can muster.

Obviously these guys are “pros” in the making and the “grin” one of them gives the “camera” after their trick shows even he knows how “impressed” we should all be.

The teen in the foreground chips the ball toward his partner in the background. As the ball flies toward the second guy, he swings at the perfect time to make contact and send the ball ever higher.

We did it! The teen in the white shirt sees they’ve pulled off the impressive trick and “smiles” at the camera.

They may soon be giving Tiger Woods a “run” for his millions, that is if “tandem golf” ever becomes a sport.

See you at the first tee…

Tandem Golf 02Tandem Golf 03

Tandem Golf 04Tandem Golf 05

Tandem Golf 06Tandem Golf 01


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