Posted by: Rolf | April 14, 2014

Master’s Marker

Jeff KnoxJeff Knox, a member at Augusta lives every hapless “hacker’s” dream as the official non-competing “marker”, which means he “equals the number of players” when the field is one short.

In 2003 Knox first got the call to play, when he was paired, twice, with the 1982 champion, Craig Stadler. He beat him both times.

In 2006 Knox played the final round with Sergio García. Whisper has it they had a little wager on the side, just to make things interesting. “Yeah, I played pretty good against Sergio,” Knox said afterwards, with a forgivable hint of self-satisfaction. He made par, which was one better than García managed. The whisper ends with that García refused to shake Knox’s hand when the round was over.

In 2006 he out drove Miguel Ángel Jimenez on the 1st tee. Jimenez turned to him with a grin, wagged his finger and warned: “Don’t you dare out drive me!” Knox could not help himself. He did it again at the 10th.

Jim Furyk also played one round with Knox back in 2006 and said afterwards that he reckoned he could “beat half the field who made the cut”.

In 2013 on Saturday he played with the defending Masters champion, Bubba Watson, and on Sunday with 2011 PGA champion Keegan Bradley.

He also licked the US Amateur champion, Kelly Kraft, by two strokes, 75 to 77.

Rory McIlroy

This year he was paired with Rory McIlroy and beat his day-three score by a shot, 70 against 71. “Jeff is a great player,” McIlroy said. “I thought he was going to be nice and three-putt the last and we would have a half, but he beat me by one. He knows this place so well and gets it round. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone putt the greens as well as he does around here. He was really impressive. I was thinking of maybe getting him to read a few of my putts out there.”

Think about that for a moment. Knox’s rolls out of bed on Saturday morning, drives to Augusta National and beats as “a non-competing marker” the 9th best player in the world!

Master's Marker 03

This must be the greatest “dream” of every golfer.

Jeff Knox, the man who lives every helpless hacker’s dream
Rory McIlroy breaks par but loses to amateur Jeff Knox

See you at the first tee…


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