Posted by: Rolf | April 18, 2014

Green Master Jacket

Green Master Jacket 02

Bubba Watson won his “second” Masters title in three years at Augusta National joining a very elite group of guys that have been able to “take down” Augusta multiple times.

It is a great “accomplishment” for a guy that has only “two other top-10’s” in all the majors combined.

His win brought about the questions of the “Green Jacket.”

Does Bubba get a second “green jacket” to go along with the one he received in 2012?

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Augusta National “awards” you one green jacket after your first win, and if you win any other Masters after that, you get that “same” jacket presented to you.

The difference with the win is that you’re allowed to take your green jacket “home” for an entire year, eventually “returning” it to Augusta National when the next Masters begins.

They keep the jackets “in house”, and allow you to wear them when you’re on their “holy” grounds.

I am not sure how this fact has flown under the radar or maybe I’m the “last one” to find out.

My view on the green jacket has totally changed today. I’ve always thought the green jacket was one of the cooler “perks” in golf, next to the big, fat check.

Now I am learning you only get one jacket even if you’ve won multiple times. Gee, thanks for that.

Can you imagine if Reinsdorf did this during the Jordan era? MJ ending up only getting one ring and having to give it back to Jerry after the next season.

Green Master Jacket 01

Ever since the Jordan era I feel sports is all about not if you won “one title but how many” titles. That’s what makes Jordan, Jordan.

The fact that he has so “many” rings that he has enough to put “one” on his other hand.

Green Master Jacket 00

That’s what made the Knicks “hire” Phil Jackson out of retirement because when it boils down to it, Phil has more “rings” than fingers.

Green Master Jacket 03

How did Pat Reilly “ultimately” get James LeBron to Miami? He threw all his “rings” on the table in front of LeBron and didn’t “say” a word, cause he didn’t have to.

Winning “multiple” times makes you “immortal.”

Having one jacket per winner and taking it out of a “closet” in Augusta for “one weekend” out of the year takes the “aura and fun” out of it.

If you win it, flaunt it.

See you at the first tee…


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