Posted by: Rolf | July 20, 2014

Driving Range Lord

Driving Range Lord 01

Hat Tip: Introducing The Lord Of The Driving Range

From a Reader Email:

Saw this “Hardo” at Stone Meadow Driving Range in Lexington, MA.

Pics says all you need to know. Some pointers…

1. He had well over 300 golf balls on the mat, also made a wooden device so the balls would transfer from the mat to the tee.
2. He had well over 100 clubs spread between his car and where he was hitting (and every club had its own cover)
3. His attire was a bit over the top, cut off Tommy Hilfiger ball huggers, cut off collared shirt, pimped collar.
4. Was cursing after each shot
5. Cleats
6. 30 different pairs of gloves

Driving Range Lord 02

The “Lord of the Driving Range” has arrived.

There just aren’t too many “Lords” floating around, but this guy is one for sure.

You just don’t bring 100 golf clubs to the “range” and 30 different pairs of gloves and not be a “Lord.”

Impossible. I just hope he doesn’t play “actual” courses with all that equipment. That could get confusing.

Driving Range Lord 03

The “range” is his domain. He’s gotta “stay” there.

See you at the first tee…


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