Posted by: Rolf | August 4, 2014

Speed Golf

Speed Golf 02

“Speed Golf” is not a “new” sport, but it remains a little-known “concept” that draws “scoffs” from many traditional “purist” golfers.

The concept is simple: “playing 18 holes of golf as fast as possible.”

The sport is thought to have “originated” 35 years ago after “middle distance runner” Steve Scott “ran” a golf course in 29 minutes, 30 seconds while “shooting” a 95 with only a 3-iron.

This remarkable feat prompted former “Ironman” triathlete Jay Larson to make the new sport as “mainstream” as possible, pioneering the “concept” while becoming one of the best “speed golfers” of all-time.

Larson’s “best round” came in 39 minutes, 9 seconds while “shooting” 75 on a 6,500 yard course.

The sport “created” a world championship in 2012 and continues to “attract” players from a golfing background that possess “extreme” endurance skills.

Tournaments are oftentimes “televised” on local stations and “streamed” online.


Christopher Smith, PGA Teaching Professional at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club.

Speed Golf champion Christopher Smith epitomizes the sport like no one else.

Christopher’s “speed golf show” sends a powerful message and represents a “unique, entertaining and enlightening” addition to any size function or event.

Speed Golf 03

The show can consist of “three to 18 holes.” A brief introduction precedes the “interactive” round; spectators then either watch from a “chosen” spot on the course, or follow along in a “cart or on foot.”

Smith offers “quick tips” along the way, vividly demonstrating how “playing faster” can actually “improve” golf performance.

Speed Golf 01

See you at the first tee…


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