Posted by: Rolf | August 24, 2014

Swing Consistency

In the second round of The Barclays 2014, Phil Mickelson finds his “errant” tee shot in the hospitality area and “lofts” it into the green side bunker on the par-4 5th hole then “two putts” for bogey.


Swing Consistency 01

In the third round of The Barclays 2014, for the second “consecutive” day Phil Mickelson “hits” his tee shot into the hospitality area adjacent to the par-4 5th green and “plays” it from there. He would go on to “par” the hole.


Swing Consistency 02

No one can do it better than Phil. “Aw shucks. I hit it into the hospitality tent. I guess I’ll go mingle with the folks.”

Maybe the most Phil “moment” of all Phil “moments.” The way people react when they see him is “nothing” but love. And he just “soaks” it all in and looks “surprised” that people are so “happy” to see him. What a guy.

United States Ryder Cup Captain, Tom Watson called out his team to take the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to help raise money for ALS research. The US Team called out the European Ryder Cup team.

Missing U.S. team members were Matt Kuchar and Phil Mickelson.


Where were the caddies? I thought golfers and caddies were a team. If golfers do it, so should the caddies. Every dollar counts!

See you at the first tee…


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