Posted by: Rolf | September 8, 2014

Putting Woes

Rory McIlroy four-putting on consecutive days on the same hole.

We’ll probably never see that again from a #1 player in the world.

Yesterday everybody was saying “He’s just like us! He four-putts from 5 feet!”


Well that’s even more true today. It happens to every pro once in a while but the same hole two days in a row? Pretty bizarre.


Somebody probably put a picture of Caroline Wozniacki’s face in the cup and that’s why he’s avoiding it so much? If the karma gods exist they might be getting back at Ol’ Rors for dumping Wozniacki.

Four Putting

Maybe Caroline whipped up a stronger batch of “witches brew” and it’s messing with his head. I’m not ruling anything out after that display of putting.

Been there done that many times myself. Big week for Rory. Hitting drives out of the driving range onto city streets, crushing 370 yard 3 woods and four-putting from 5 feet on consecutive days.

Can’t win them all I suppose.

See you at the first tee…


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