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Give Me One Minute

Give Me One Minute 00

Gary Player is a “golf legend” who rarely shies away from “dispensing” his knowledge upon the current “greats” of the game.

Rory McIlroy found this out last year when Player encouraged him to “find the right wife.”

Now Player has some advice for Tiger Woods. In a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, Player said he just needs “60 Minutes” to turn Woods around.

Give Me One Minute 02

“Tiger is the most talented golfer that ever lived, without a question. Will he come back as a champion? I really hope so, because the game needs Tiger Woods,” he said.

“But would I love to sit down with him for one hour and give him a piece of my knowledge? There’s a reason why he’s not the same Tiger Woods anymore. There’s a reason. And I reckon I could get those things across to him that would make a massive change because I’ve got so much experience, which will take him another 40, 50 years to get.”

Give Me One Minute 06

I have no idea what any of this means, maybe more “sit-ups” to make Woods more explosive,  but I’m pretty sure Tiger isn’t “dialing” Player’s number today to “ask his advice.”

Talk about a “sales” pitch! One minute?! That’s all? “Sold!” Sold simply because that claim is so “ridiculous and so outrageous” it needs to be heard.

It takes some “serious” old man from South Africa to quote: “Oh one of the most successful and most talented golfers in the history of the world is having a tough time? Well give me 60 seconds with him and he’ll be good as new.”

Give Me One Minute 09

Hilarious, “awesome and enticing” all at the same time. Was Gary a “shrewd” business man in another life? Because that’s how you sell a product. What “sage” advice could Gary Player possibly tell Tiger Woods in “one minute” that would put Tiger back on track to “winning” majors and finally chasing “down” Jack?

I don’t know the “answer” to that question but now “I want to know” the answer. The whole golf “world” wants the answer to that question now. And I “bet” Tiger does too.

That’s why it’s a “great” sales pitch. So much “mystery and intrigue” that Tiger almost doesn’t have a “choice” but dial Gary’s number right away.

APTOPIX Masters Golf

If for nothing else other than “pure” human curiosity. It helps that Tiger is probably “desperate” enough to make that phone call right about now. “No coach, no Ryder Cup and no majors since 2008.” He needs all the “help” he can get at this point.

And if the “advise” sucks? It was “only” a minute.

Give Me One Minute 08

On the other hand, what “if” it worked? What “if” Gary and Tiger “decided” to meet at a coffee shop one morning. Tiger gets there “first” and grabs a table. Sits there for “a while” until he sees Gary’s car pull up.

Gary gets out, comes in the coffee shop and sits down with a timer. A “60 second timer.” Gary starts the timer and lays all of the “worldly” golf and life “fitness” knowledge imaginable on “young” Eldrick and simply “walks out” when the timer dings.

Give Me One Minute 04

He was there from “9:00- to 9:01” and then he’s gone. Like a ghost. And “boom” Tiger starts “rattling” off majors again. “Dethrones” young Irish “buck” Rory and “reclaims” the title as “Best Golfer On The Planet.”

I want to “live in a world” where that happens because I crave “One Minute” golf instructions.

Give Me One Minute 07

Gary Player’s Instructional DVD Set: “A Game For Life”

See you at the first tee…


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