Posted by: Rolf | November 14, 2014

Longest Golf Club

Longest Golf Club 01

You know how they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas?” Well, now that applies to drivers.

Michael Furrh, a Dallas native, set a new “Guinness World Record” for longest shot accomplished with the longest “usable” golf club at Rolling Hills Country Club on Monday.

Here is the official video of the “feat” with the driver that measures 20 feet, 6 inches.

The ball “traveled” 63 yards in the air breaking the previous record of Karsten Maas. His driver was “only” 14 feet, 5 inches and went just over 180 yards.

On Monday, November 3rd, 2014 Michael Furrh, Caddie master with “Caddie Club Golf and Club Ambassador” for Rolling Hills Country Club in Arlington Texas was making his attempt at becoming a “two-time” Guinness World Record Holder for the world’s Longest Usable Golf Club.

Michael’s first attempts of the day were with a 19 foot 5 inch “graphite” driver weighing 36 ounces. The existing record was broken with a shot that carried 89 yards, as measured by Mike Rausch of Golf Ect with a Foresight Sports GC 2 Launch Monitor.

Longest Golf Club 03

After establishing a “new” Guinness World Record, Michael decided to “surprise” the crowd and swing a 20 foot 6 inch “steel shafted” driver weighing 52 ounces.

On the first swing he hit the ball 45 yards on the fly establishing another new record. Michael proceeded to hit a few more shots, with the longest shot carrying 63 yards in distance.

Here is a “slow motion” video capturing Michael Furrh swinging his 20′ 6″ driver.

There was a “crowd” of at least thirty people on hand including family, friends, and many members of the media to “witness” this feat and bring the world record “back home” to the great state of Texas.

Longest Golf Club 02

At the end of the day Michael Furrh “successfully” claimed the status of 2-Time Guinness World Record Holder.

You can check out more videos of Michael Furrh at here.

I’ll stick with my “standard” sized driver.

See you at the first tee…


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