Posted by: Rolf | December 5, 2014

Romantic Gesture

Bubba 07

Awesome “idea,” Bubba! Getting your wife Angie’s name “tattooed” on your finger is a very “romantic” gesture.

A person tattooing the name of their “significant” other on their body is the most “loving” expression when two people “are in love” especially if they are “famous” and constantly in the “public” eye.

Bubba 08

“Tattoos” tell the “world” that you are in “love” and planning to “stay together” forever “till death do us part.”

Oh “wait,” what could “possibly” go wrong with this “inking…”

Bubba 02
Nick Cannon with “Mariah” across his back

Bubba 03
Johnny Depp with “Winona Forever”

Bubba 04
Denise Richards with “Charlie” on her ankle

Bubba 05
Angelina Jolie with “Billy Bob” on her arm

Bubba 06
Kenyon Martin with Trina’s “lips” on his neck

Getting a permanent “ink” of the name or body part of a person who you’re “married” to isn’t always the “best” idea.

Then again, Bubba has been “married” to Angie for 10 years and she’s not as “famous” as Bubba.

Maybe that’s where everybody “always” goes wrong.

You can’t be married to another “famous” person because there will always be a “battle” for who is more famous until it all “crumbles” from within.

Bubba 01

Bubba doesn’t have “that” problem. And it “only” cost $60 so “who” cares.

See you at the first tee…


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