Posted by: Rolf | December 10, 2014

John Daly Double

John Daly 05

John Daly, yes “that” John Daly, wins his “first pro event in a decade.”

OK, so it was “some” tournament in Turkey called the “Beko Classic” and it came with “just” an $8,000 winner’s check.

John Daly 03

But after a “decade,” John Daly is officially back in the “winner’s” circle.

Daly, who “opened” with a 64, shot a final-round 72 to “win” the 54-hole event sanctioned by the “PGA’s of Europe” by one shot.

The two-time major champ’s “last” professional win came at the 2004 Buick Invitational.

John Daly 04

“It feels great to win, as professional we try to build on confidence so any time you win anything it’s a confidence builder,” Daly said.

“It’s pretty much my last tournament of the year so I can hopefully go into 2015 with some extra confidence.”

The victory “capped quite a week” for the 48-year-old Daly. Congrats all around, JD.

John Daly 02

Earlier, John Daly announced on Twitter he is engaged to longtime girlfriend and caddie Anna Cladakis.

The couple started “dating” sometime around 2008, and Cladakis quickly became a “fixture” on tour with Daly at every event.

They soon started wearing “wild” matching outfits from Loudmouth Golf, with Cladakis outside the ropes and Daly inside.

John Daly 06

Daly does not have “full” status on the PGA Tour and must “rely” on sponsor exemptions to “play” in most events.

Despite that, Daly is still one of the “biggest” crowd draws.

This will be marriage “No. 5” for Daly and the “first” for Cladakis.

Maybe his next song will be “It Ain’t Weird to Kiss My Caddie,” as he is becoming a pretty well-known “country” crooner while Cladakis is “carrying” the bag for the two-time “major” champion.

5th time obviously is the “ultimate” charm! Go get ‘em JD! You miss “every” shot you don’t take. Sorry, ladies. No more “buck” left in that “bronco.”

The “great” John Daly has been “tamed.” Congrats you two “love” birds. Hit it hard, John, “whenever and wherever.”

Where will you spend the “Wedding Night” and what “crazy outfit” will you wearing for “that” occasion, just curious?

John Daly Laid Bare
That’s why they call him Wild Thing!

See you at the first tee…


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