Posted by: Rolf | December 28, 2014


BubbaClaus 03I love the original “Golf Boys” videos and thought that they were really “funny” but now it looks like Bubba is “going solo?”

Feel like he’s just “crazy” enough to actually think he is a “real” rapper.

BubbaClaus 01

Probably is going to “build” a studio in his house and spend all his free time “dropping” rhymes and making “rap” albums?

I remember Christmas growing up in Bagdad,
chilling in the living room with my dad,
Momma in the kitchen got food in the stove,
sister in the living room playing on the floor,
I used to hit the golf course take me a swing,
got my first clubs since boy was a teen,
Kids in their room they can’t even go to sleep,
‘cos they know I’m coming through putting gifts under the tree.

No sweat, no beer, no reindeer,
I might come deliver gifts on a John Deere,
Caleb asked me to bring him a new ball,
but I’m checking my list it’s Bubba Claus.

Just touched down in my hovercraft,
I bet you want to know what’s in my bag,
Is it golf clubs or a bag of toys?
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Bubba Claus.

I gotta thank God he’s the reason I made it,
I thank him every day for the moves that I make,
Thank you baby Jesus he was born in a manger,
‘cos he knew when I was born I was gonna be the savior,
Thank you for the clothes and the shoes on my feet,
thank you for my kids and the food that I eat,
Thank you for my wife and the house where we sleep,
I wake up every day and I put it on repeat.

BubbaClaus 04

Seriously though, wasting the name “Bubba” on a guy who doesn’t drink even a “cold” beer is a shame.

BubbaClaus 02

A “Bubba” should never be more than 10 feet from a jar of “moonshine.”

BubbaClaus 00

That’s how a golfer’s “life” should be.

See you at the first tee…


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