Posted by: Rolf | February 14, 2015

Unbelievable 102 Foot Putt

Jack Nicklaus 02

One of my favorite golf video is “Golden Bear” Jack Nicklaus totally “owning” Johnny Miller with an “insane” 102 foot putt.

In a course “opening” exhibition with Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer and Johnny Miller, Jack showed Miller the “proper” way to play the “unique” tiered 10th green at “Harbor Shores”—the site of the 2014 Senior PGA Championship.

After Miller and playing partner Palmer had their putts “roll back” to their feet, Miller suggested chipping it. “There’s no chance putting it.”

Not so, Jack. “Want me to show you how to do it?” Whining Miller “Yeah, come on Jack show me how it’s done.”

Being his typical “awesome” self, Jack Nicklaus walks down the hill, steps up and “sinks” a 102 foot putt right in Johnny Miller’s “face” with the crowd “roaring.”

You have to “love” the way Jack puts his “arms” up as he walks off, like “See? Easy” while Johnny Miller looks for a “rock” to hide under.

Jack Nicklaus 03

That walk off ends all walk offs.

Now whether or not Jack actually “meant” to make that putt nobody can be sure, but his “braggadocios” style and “swagger” as he walks away certainly made it “look” like it could have been “pulled” off with ease.

However, if you are a “golfer” you know that this is “anything” but the case. Putting can be one of the most “frustrating” aspects of the game.

The statistical “probability” of his chances of making a 102 foot putt make the “shot” even more incredible.

95% of tour professionals will sink their putts from 3 feet or less. 75% of golf pros will sink a putt that is 5 feet from the cup. A 7 foot 10 inch putt has a probability of only 50% . A 14 foot putt will only be made 25% of the time.

That means only one out of every four 14 foot putts will see the inside of the cup. If you take those numbers and extrapolate them out to 100 feet, you come up with a pretty stark percentage, 1.78%.

That means just under two out of every 100 foot putts will be made!

Most golfers “die” on the putting green.

Jack Nicklaus 01

“Happy 75th Birthday” Golden Bear. You’re a treasure.

See you on the first tee…


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