Posted by: Rolf | March 20, 2015

Golf Rage

'If this was a random act, there'd be two or three bent golf clubs. But an entire set? No, whoever did this was filled with premeditated rage.'

Apparently Bryce Bundy was “disappointed” after his round and took it “out on his golf clubs” in the parking lot.

He played a “bad” round of golf and then did what every golfer “wants” to do, but all of us are “too afraid” to do, because we want to “play” golf again.

He “snapped”his clubs in half. The “woods” were spared, but the “bag, his bag tags, his irons and his wedges” were all given the “death”penalty.

He won’t be needing “those” clubs ever again. I like how he snapped them individually so each “inanimate” object could feel the pain.

The “pain” they’ve put him through over the years. Every “slice and every hook.” That pitching “wedge” also got the business.

Slams the “head” on the ground a few times then “bust” them over the knee. He even tries to “break” a club over his “head” at one point.

You have to “love” how all of his buddies are “watching and laughing” while the snapping “unfolds” but nobody stops him.

Golf Rage 01

Golf Rage after the Game.

You don’t “stop” Bundy when he’s on a roll. Bundy stops when Bundy “wants” to stop.

See you at the first tee…


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