Posted by: Rolf | April 10, 2015

Social Isolation

isolation 05

Working with men is my “vocation,” and I love it.

However, every day I hear from men whose lives, marriages, and families are falling “apart or barely” hanging on. Often it’s because of “emotional” neglect, chasing some “dream” that didn’t include their families.

Other times it’s because of mishandling “money, substance abuse, pornography, prostitution, lapses in integrity,” and so on.

While there is no common “denominator” for why men fail, most of these men do tend to have “one thing” in common. If they are Christians, it is “uncanny” how most of these men were part of a “small group” they no longer attend.

As a result, they have become “isolated.”

Isolation 04

Isolation is the “devil’s” #1 strategy. Why? Because it’s so “effective.” We all know from the National Geographic Channel that the lion never goes after the herd. The lion always attacks the stray…“the one who has become isolated.”

That’s because every “predator” understands the strategic “value” of isolation, whether in the “animal” kingdom, “human” traffickers, or “sexual” predators.

Men are particularly “vulnerable” to this strategy of isolation. The reasons why men are so “vulnerable” is a different article, but what’s the solution?

First Peter 5:8 puts it this way: “Stay alert! Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Easily the best way for a man to “execute” 1 Peter 5:8 is to be part of a “group,” like the one they “used to attend.”

Isolation 03

Are you “actively” part of a group? If so, congratulations. There is “safety” in numbers.

If not, I “exhort” you as your brother to “find, treasure, and fully appreciate” a group of brothers with whom you can be “honest, open, and vulnerable.”

While there’s no “law” that says you have to “do such a thing,” why wouldn’t you?

Only because of the “temptation” to live in isolation, the isolation the “devil” adroitly deploys to “dull” our love for Jesus.

And if you are a leader, please, please, please “build” a sustainable ministry model in your church that “encourages” all of your men to get into “small groups” over time.

Yes, “pray” for their families, “preach” them the Gospel, and “pick” them up when they fall.

But make sure you don’t “sentence” them to try and live the Christian life in “isolation.”

Isolation 02

Because “isolation” is what men who “fail” have common.

In His Grip and Serving Grace…


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