Posted by: Rolf | May 18, 2015

Golf & Guns

Golf & Guns 04

A golfer in one group became “aggravated” when members of another group talked to him about “golf etiquette” because of slow play.

The “incident” took place in New Britain, Connecticut, at the “Stanley Golf Course,” which describes itself as “Hartford area golf at its finest.”

Golf & Guns 02

Future golf carts with mounted guns.

The 27-hole public course charges $35.50 for an 18-hole round. The policies listed on its website include the edict, “All Players playing 18 holes have right of way on thru nine.”

According to the New Britain Herald, when other players first approached the man to talk about how to handle slow play “words were exchanged about golf etiquette and playing through.”

The man then allegedly “retrieved” his gun and put it “under his clothing and pulled back his shirt to reveal the weapon in front of the second group of golfers who were complaining about their slow pace.”

Golf & Guns 03

The second group of golfers called the “Pro Shop, and the golf shop called the “police.” The police arrested the “armed” man and charged him with “second-degree threatening and breach of peace.”

The man had a gun permit, “which was seized along with the gun.”


Golf & Guns 01

See you at the first tee…


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