Posted by: Rolf | May 25, 2015

Golfing with Ida

Golfing with Ida 07

Ida Pieracci is a San Jose Country Club legend. She holds the course record with eleven “holes-in-one” and is still regularly “playing” golf today.

But there is something even more “special” about that feat. The golf “enthusiast” is 102-years-old.

Golfing with Ida 03

Ida Pieracci is always interested in “improving” her golf swing.

She is given a “key” to the gate and permitted to “let herself in” and play a round or a few holes “whenever” she feels like it, often playing “five” times a week.

Golfing with Ida 06

The centenarian makes her “rounds” whenever she is in the “mood.”

Pieracci takes her “clubs and starts swinging.” And it doesn’t matter if she plays “alone or with people,” she’s there for the “love of the game.”

Golfing with Ida 05

The San Jose native’s secret to “living a long and happy life” is summed up with the words “being a good kid,” which she matches with a “hearty” chuckle.

Portrait photographer and director Dustin Cohen, who produced a short video documentary on Ida, provided some background on her “incredible” story.


He said: “I had been hearing stories about Ida Pieracci from my parents out in San Jose, California for a couple of years.”

“She’s a bit of a legend at their golf course, still out playing regularly at 102 years old, still laughing and cracking jokes with everyone.”

Golfing with Ida 04

Equally as amazing is that she has “racked” up 11 holes-in-one just on that course.

“When I finally had the opportunity to meet Ida, I just felt like this was one of those stories that needed to be told.”

Shortly after, the New York City based filmmaker and a cinematographer friend flew to California to “conduct” an interview and “film” Ida in action.

“San Jose Country Club was incredibly helpful and let us set it all up and film on a day the course is normally closed,” said Dustin.

They even gave us a couple of “golf carts” to run around with and film around the course.

“I worked on the piece for a while, trying to keep it pretty short, fun, and sweet,” a nice, easy watch to make people smile.

Golfing with Ida 08

“She has such a personality, it was a fun one to make. And you can hear my laughter coming through a couple times in the video, which kind of proves how genuine it all is.”

Despite Ida’s grand old age, the “talented” golfer prefers to “walk” around the course and often plays a “round” by herself.

And, according to Dustin, if she is ever in “need” of a golf buggy she is only required to “call” the clubhouse and “request” a lift.

Dustin said: “She is absolutely adored and revered at the club, truly a living legend.”

They have a “plaque” up in the clubhouse with her photo and all her “holes-in-one” and I believe it’s called the Ida “Pieracci Perpetual Hole-in One.”



The keys to leading a “fulfilling” life can be seen by such “inspirational” seniors like Tao Porcho-Lynch the 93-year-old yoga instructor or 94-year-old Hy Snell whose “passion” is painting.



There is a “lot to learn” from our elders, and for some “inside tips” on how to live a “long and meaningful” life, read this sage advice given by folks who have been “alive for over a century.”

See you on the first tee…


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