Posted by: Rolf | June 28, 2015

Trash Bin Golf

Trash Can Golf 00

Somehow this guy gets his “head” stuck in a trash can during a “Charity” Golf Outing. How does that happen?

Golfers do some really “dumb” things when they’re having a bad round. They “cuss,” they “slam and break” clubs, they might “jump” in a water hazard to cool off.

Then there’s what 49-year-old British Dave Sayers did.

Sayers, who was “drunk” at a charity golf tournament, decided he wanted to “throw” away his clubs after a bad round. Instead, Sayers, according to The Telegraph, somehow wound up with his “head” stuck in a trash bin.

“We were coming to the end of the day and I had been losing it a bit with a few bad shots. We’d all had a few beers,” Sayers said. “I said, ‘I’m going to bin these clubs’ but they wouldn’t fit. I decided to go a step further. I went to put my head in the bin, but then I couldn’t get it out.”

The 9-handicap player had his head stuck in the “trash” can for about 10 minutes as his wife, Allison, and two children looked on, “laughing” hysterically along with others.

Trash Can Golf 01‘Laying there while “inhaling” the intoxicating scent of “garbage” fumes, a couple of buddies eventually applied enough “Vaseline” so that Sayers head could “slip” back through the opening.

No word on if the “clubs” were still “thrown” in the trash.

Trash Can Golf 05

Notice how you don’t see the guy’s “family” anywhere. No “wife or kids” to be found. Nobody “screaming” to get their Dad’s head “unstuck.”

I guess they know Dad “real” well. They can tell when he’s on the “verge” of getting “stick my head in a trash bin” drunk. Once they saw that “look in his eyes,” they took off.

Nothing “good” can happen once Dad gets to that “level.” So Mom “packed” the kid’s into the minivan and “sped” as fast as she could away from the golf course.

Let his “roaring” buddies handle it this time. There’s only “so many times” a person can apply “Vaseline” to their significant others “neck” before it has to end in “divorce.”

She got outta there to “save” the marriage.

Trash Can Golf 03

I never once “thought” about sticking my head into a trash can for “any” reason…unless maybe there was a keg of ice cold beer” in there.

This must be the golfing “god’s” punishing him for wearing those “awful” pants.

See you at the first tee…

Charity golfer gets his head stuck in trash bin after getting drunk


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