Posted by: Rolf | September 15, 2015

Golf Road Rage


Dude takes golf club to his $170,000 Benz after it repeatedly breaks down.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “common” man on the way back from playing 18 holes, or “freaking” Jack Nicholson, or an “angry” Russian who has had enough with life, the “golf club to the windshield” is one of the more “traditional” ways to deal with “road rage.”


I’ve never “done” it because I think “rationally” before I act, but it’s borderline “poetic” taking an iron to something out of “pure” anger.

Getting “cut” off and then arguing “nonsense” with morons on the road is equitable to “hell hath no fury” in any situation.

Anything that happens in a 30 second “blackout” of seeing red can be “defended” in court as temporary “insanity.” So please “excuse” this Russian as he goes “about his business.”

And unless he “solely” plays Par-3’s, that 7-iron is “purely” for smashing windshields. I didn’t see that “club” come out of a “golf” bag. I assume this was “premeditated” road rage.



See you on the first tee…

The Classic Road Rage Golf Club To The Window


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