Posted by: Rolf | October 30, 2015

Halloween Golf

Golf Halloween 02

So these “little” guys are what’s “hot” on the Internet right now. Girls are literally “drooling” at the site of cute little “Jordan Spieth” and little “Michael Greller.”

If you’re not “ready” to have kids yet do not “show” those pictures to your “wife or girlfriend” because she will throw you “down” and have her “way with you” until you get her “pregnant.”

I get it. Those kids are “cute.” Everybody can see that. Spieth is the“it” golfer at the moment so kids want to be “like” him and dress “up” for Halloween.

Golf Halloween 01

Congratulation  Jordan. The “trophies” are nice. The millions of “dollars” in the bank are even “nicer” but everybody knows you haven’t “truly” made it until someone dresses up “as you for Halloween.”

Spieth is “now” at that level.

Dressing your kid as “clean cut” Jordan Spieth is all “well and good” and people will love it, but this is how “real” golf fan parents “dress” their kids.

Let’s not forget the “greatest” mini golfer costume of “all” time. The costume that “cannot and will not” be topped ever. That was last “year” and it’s still the “best.”

Golf Halloween 04

Little John Daly.

If you’re gonna “dress” your kid up as a “golfer” make it the most “one-of-a-kind” golfer ever to “grip it and rip it.”

That’s “Halloween” done right.

See you at the first tee…


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