Posted by: Rolf | November 8, 2015

Gluttony, Sex and Golf

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 01

It seems that the Chinese Communist Party has outlawed President Obama’s “love for golf” he enjoyed for the last seven years while “putting” up with Republican “opposition” to his dismissal leadership.

China’s Communist Party has “banned” its members from “extravagant eating and drinking”, engaging in “improper sexual relationships with others” and playing “golf,” state media reported.

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 05

The ruling party’s “Political Bureau” adopted new rules on “clean” governance and “discipline” the official Xinhua news agency said, describing the measures as “a moral ethical code that members must abide by”.

Party members were already barred from “keeping paramours and conducting adultery” but the new rule on “sexual activity” was stricter, Xinhua said.

Playing “golf and excessive eating and drinking” were explicitly listed as “violations of discipline” for the first time, it added.

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 02

The “regulations,” which apply to “everyone” in the 88-million-strong Communist Party, also forbid forming “cliques” within the party and “nepotism.”

Since “ascending” to the party leadership in 2012, President Xi Jinping has launched an “austerity” drive and a sweeping “crackdown” on corruption, with thousands of officials “falling from power.”

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 06

But “critics” of the campaign liken it to a political “purge” targeting Xi’s opponents.

Spending on “luxury” goods and dining in “high-end” restaurants has “plummeted” amid the crackdown, with government officials “intimidated” by high-profile corruption “prosecutions.”

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 03

The document did not detail “punishments for violating” the new rules, but the party maintains its own feared “internal disciplinary” system, which operates without “judicial” oversight.

Party “discipline” superseded “criminal” law, Xinhua said.

The Communist Party has long had an “ambivalent” relationship with golf, which is a “lucrative” opportunity for local authorities and a “favored” pastime of some officials, but is also closely associated with “wealth” and Western elites.

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 04

Central authorities ordered a nationwide “moratorium” on new golf courses in 2004, but development “continued” as revenue-minded local officials went their “own” way, even offering “tax breaks” for operators of new courses in places such as Hainan province.

The number of courses in China has “grown” from fewer than 200 at the time of the “ban” to more than 600 this year, according to Xinhua.


See you at the first tee…

Chinese Communists Ban Gluttony, Adultery, Moon Cakes, and Golf
China Communist Party’s deadly sins: gluttony, sex and golf


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