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Out of the Rough

Out of the Rough 03

In his autobiography “Out of the Rough” written with Auckland journalist Michael Donaldson, Steve Williams says one thing that really “pissed” him off was how Tiger would “flippantly” toss a club in the general “direction” of the bag, expecting me to “go over and pick it up.”

I felt uneasy about “bending” down to pick up his “discarded” club, “it was like I was his slave.”

Out of the Rough 04

I am not a “fan or admirer” of Tiger Woods, but using a word like “slave” seems over-the-top in just about any “context,” but especially one between a professional “golfer and his caddy.”

This is absolutely a “ridiculous” claim by Steve Williams. What we’ve got here is a golf caddy “complaining” about picking up clubs for his “boss,” one of the main “staples of their job.”

So what if Woods “threw” the club towards the bag? Every “tour player” does it.

Wipe off the “club face, put it back in the bag and be quiet.”

For Williams to “throw” around the word “slave” is such headline “grabbing,” book sale “pimping” nonsense that he should be “ashamed” off.

Out of the Rough 01

Yeah Steve, that caddy job made you “super rich and famous” and gave you a “front row seat” to some of the greatest “moments in sports history” which doesn’t sound like “slavery.”

Bro, you’re “only a caddy” who shouldn’t even be “noticed.” If you do, you’re “doing it wrong.” Pick up the clubs for the guy who “pays” you, tell him which way the “wind” is blowing and keep your “mouth” shut.

That’s it. I don’t recall any of this “bitching and moaning” when Tiger was “dominating” the world and “causing” Williams’ “bank account” to explode.

Talk about “biting the hand that feeds you.”

Williams is absolutely “nothing” without Tiger Woods. That’s why he has to use his “former” boss to sell books.

His Tiger less “life” just isn’t “interesting.” Sorry, but no one “cares” about your “race car” life, Steve.

Out of the Rough 02

Williams “caddied” for Woods for 13 years winning “13 major championships” together and attending each other’s “weddings” before their high profile “split” in 2011.

Shameless “exploitation” on William’s part.

If you’re Adam Scott, for whom Steve Williams now “occasionally” caddies for, aren’t you a little “skeptical” about having Williams “on your bag?”

Where’s the “loyalty?” Where’s the caddy/golfer “confidentiality?”

I realize caddying for Tiger during his “apex,” and the stories that go along with that, is the type of “stuff” that sells books and nobody is “buying” a book about the times “with” Adam Scott.

If I’m Adam I’d be “nervous” that Williams has such “loose lips” and is so willing to “throw” his former “friends” under the bus for a “quick” buck.

See you on the first tee…

Caddy Walks Back Comment That Tiger Woods Treated Him Like a ‘Slave’


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