Posted by: Rolf | December 5, 2015

Errant Tee Shot

Errant Tee Shot 02
A golf spectator gets his “nose” broken by an “errant” tee shot that hits him “square in the face.”


The “funny” part about whenever something “like this happens” is the announcers always saying “Obviously Steven Bowditch didn’t purposely injure that spectator.”

Errant Tee Shot

Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks in the NBC booth.

Oh really? How do they “know?” What if Bowditch did do that on “purpose?”

Why don’t they ever announce “I thought for sure Steven Bowditch picked that dude out, aimed right at him thinking I’m gonna break that spectator’s nose” and then did it.

“Sniped him square in the face and made him drop to his knees. Blood everywhere. Just for fun.”

That would be a more “fun” statement and the most “miraculous” tee shot ever happened on a golf course sans Tiger’s “chip” shot on 16 at Augusta in 2005.

Errant Tee Shot 01

Professional golfer Steven Bowditch.

We could give Steven an “endless” amount of golf balls and two years “practice” time and there would be “no way” Bowditch could “duplicate” that tee shot.

Professional golfers are “good” but they’re not “that” good.

Errant Tee Shot 04

Sorry about your “nose,” man. That must “hurt.”

On the other hand, I “guess” you could say the “guy” shouldn’t have been “standing” there.

Bowditch on slow road in battle with depression

See you on the first tee…


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