Posted by: Rolf | June 15, 2017

Future of Tiger Woods

It’s often said and there are “variations” on the theme of saying “Once you hit rock bottom” that’s where you “perfectly” stand; that’s your chance of “restarting” the right way.

Others recognize that “humiliation” is a component of being at “rock bottom.”

Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar organizations incorporate the “recognition” of a need to “hit and acknowledge” rock bottom as being a very real “component or prerequisite” for many who decide to “turn their lives around.”

Whatever is “going on” in Tiger Woods’ life, despite his “wealth,” he certainly appears to be “standing” at rock bottom.


He could easily, judging from the level of impairment evidenced in the video, be sitting in a jail cell right now on manslaughter charges, his reputation ruined, perhaps dead himself or crippled and never able to return to golf. 

He needs to “recognize” the second, third or whatever number of “chance this is for him, and have a “serious” talk with himself about ending the “destructive” behavior.

Woods has a lot of “experience” with prescription pain “medications” so he knows what they’re “capable” of doing. He made a “mistake” getting behind the wheel but also in “taking” the pills.

The impaired “judgment” permeates many facets of life and makes itself “evident” in various degrees.

This “overdose,” however it took place, is likely not a “mistake” that he even recalls making but the “consequences” are real.

The need to “face” his own need for drastic “change” is real.

He’s been to “rehab” before, which was likely treated as a “crutch” to get him back out into the same “behaviors” as before, just something he had to do to “appease” the public.

This time around he needs to be “sincere” and to take “action” for himself and his children.

It’s a “tough” thing to do, with his judgment being “impaired” and getting beyond the “acute” situation and the “denial” that usually accompanies such downfalls.

But Woods doesn’t have a “choice.” He needs to make this “incident” the rock bottom that he stands on to “turn” his life around.

He’s a “rich” man but he’s lacking something that “money” can’t buy. Right now he’s probably very “embarrassed” which is a good thing. He needs to “channel” that embarrassment into a “meaningful” change.

Here’s the breathalyzer video. “Keep blowing keep blowing keep blowing keep blowing.”


Tiger when asked his hair color: “Mostly brown and fading.” What a GOAT.

The “intervention” by these police officers“prevented” him from making a “serious and life altering” mistake that would have “impacted” himself and others. He can’t “count” on the same favorable “outcome” happening again.

Twelve step “programs” work and there are other “options.” Doing nothing and “continuing” down the road to “disaster” can’t be one of them.

It’s not a matter of “judging” him; it’s just the “reality of where he is and what he must do.”

“I haven’t felt this good in years. As for returning to competitive golf, the long-term prognosis is positive. My surgeon and physiotherapist say the operation was successful. It’s just a matter of not screwing up and letting it fuse. I’m walking and doing my exercises, and taking my kids to and from school. All I can do is take it day by day. There’s no hurry. But, I want to say unequivocally, I want to play professional golf again.” Future Senior Golfer Tiger Woods.

John Daly voiced his “support” for Tiger Woods saying the best way to “hush” critics after his DUI arrest is “to get back on the golf course.”

In a brief interview with TMZ Sports, Daly expressed “sympathy” for his old golfing pal.

“Tiger probably didn’t think he was feeling that bad. I feel bad for the guy. He’s gone through all these surgeries. I’m not saying because he’s an athlete he should get away with it.”


Daly’s “sage advice” to the beleaguered Woods?  “Get back on the golf course, man. This stuff will pass. It always does.”

Daly knows what it “feels” like to be in Woods’s position. His own “unflattering” mug shot was released to the “public” in 2008 after police found the golfer “passed out” at a Hooters restaurant and took him into “protective” custody.

Tiger Woods’ outlook on future will dictate his happiness in present

See you at the first tee…


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