Posted by: Rolf | July 4, 2017

Trump Golf Rules

Donald “Donnie” Trump plays by his “own rules” when he plays golf and they are “fantastic.”

Introducing Donnie showing his “partners” the way to get the “job” done.

He hits a nice “tee shot” at Hole Number 1 at the “2012 AT&T National Pro-Am” tournament.


And President Trump driving “whenever “and “wherever” and “however” he wants on his own golf is “classic” alpha “male” dominance.


Once the video went “viral” on the Internet, stories began to “flood” in about Donnie’s golf “antics.”

I’m “obsessed” with Donnie establishing his “own” rules. Let’s “break” them down.

  1. Trump drives wherever he wants.

I mean, yeah, “duh.” Imagine when Trump “rolls” up and sees those cart “arrow signs” pointing away from the green?

No worries. Donnie just “laughs” at those signs.

He probably plays a little “side wagers” to sees how many greens he can “run over” during a round.

I’m sure he takes carts into “bunkers,” steps out, “flips” his ball on the green, “hops” back in and drives on the “green” to make his putt.

Why “wouldn’t he?”

  1. Trump plays through anyone who’s in front of him.

I’ve never heard of a “savage” move like this but I’m “obsessed” with it. Genius.

Never “dawned” on me to just play “through,” without warning everyone in “front” of you.

Play at your “own pace.” No one else “matters.”

Going to have to “adopt” this rule. It’s a no “brainer.”

  1. Trump has the honor on every rule no matter what.

The first one, driving “wherever” you want? Asserting “dominance” on the course. You “own” that property.

“Macho move.”

The second one, playing through “anyone and everyone” that happens to be in front of you?

Asserting “dominance” against all other “people” on the course.

And this last one, hitting “first” on every tee? No “matter” what?

That’s asserting “dominance” against your playing “partners.”

Oh, you made “birdie” against my “bogey?” Get out of the way. “I’m up.”


“#PowerMovesOnly” from President Trump. He never “fails.” He doesn’t make “bogey.”


See you at the first tee…

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