What is it about

Q: What is Fox Valley Links Fellowships about?

A: Fox Valley Links Fellowship is not an organizational ministry, but the ministry of individual believers in the golfing community who have a desire to reach out and draw people together to share the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

We see ourselves as a resource to the Christians in the golfing community. We encourage and equip men and women using golf as a vehicle of communication to reach other golfers for Christ. We like to help them be aware of and take advantage of opportunities to share the Good News in a very tactful and yet clear and direct way. We also provide training and help in creating an atmosphere for follow-up and basic discipleship. This may take place one-on-one or in Round table Bible discussion groups.

Q: It sounds like there is a replication process going on here?

A: Absolutely, it’s the process found in 2 Timothy 2:2, finding faithful men who will entrust these things to other faithful men.

Q: How do you use golf as an outreach?

A: We will use Christian golfers for speakers at breakfasts, luncheons, dinners outreaches, and clinics at golf outings with the purpose for them to share stories of faith and golf. Our target group enjoys golf and we find these speakers can be a great draw for some of our events. These can be an easy invite for the person who would like to have his or her peers hear about Jesus Christ.

Executive Ministries 01

Golf Outreach with Rik Massengale.

We also use the game of golf for other outreach opportunities. It might be an annual golf outing where we encourage the Christian golfer to fill out a foursome with others who would benefit from getting around a number of Christians and hearing Christ presented through the speaker’s personal story at the dinner/awards banquet.

We also do foursomes where we might invite a friend or two to join us and look for opportunity to introduce spiritual issues into the conversation we have on the course. A round of golf can also be a great way to follow up a new believer who has an interest in the game and faith issues.

Q: Besides golfers, what other kinds of speakers do you use?

A: We ask the question who can relate to the business and professional community? Since this is a ministry to the marketplace, successful Christians in the corporate world can be speakers of interest to our target. The names might not always be recognized, but the position and credentials will be appreciated. These are the kind of speakers who are successful and yet can share their personal struggles that brought them to a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Q: Is there a special language that you use when you talk to the leadership community?

A: There is a language out there, but more important than a special language is a way of thinking that will get their attention. Bringing in speakers that relate, illustrations that make sense, and Bible discussions that can be applied to their daily life in the marketplace all have a great impact on communicating. Our Round table Bible discussions groups, for example, are geared to deal with issues participants face and not just theory they may never use.


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