What we do

Many golfers participate in various Christian Men’s Bible discussion groups throughout the Fox Valley area. Quite often a couple of guys get together during the summer months to play golf afterwards, time and weather permitting.

We encourage anyone interested to join any particular group and to check them out two or three times to see if it is of benefit to them. And if they know of a business associate or friend who would be also interested to join we encourage them to bring him along for a relevant and meaningful discussion experience.

Fox Valley Links Fellowship 11

The Bible discussion groups are open to all men regardless of church affiliation, their past or current place in life, where they will find a warm welcome, great fellowship, make new friends, build long-lasting relationships and find acceptance in the midst of life’s many daily struggles.

Fox Valley Links Fellowship 09

We seek to equip and encourage men by addressing the spiritual areas most vital to their lives and help them understand what it takes to deal with the unique pressures facing men today in the marketplace by using the game of golf to build one-on-one relationships for personal discipleship and encouragement.

Fox Valley Links Fellowship 10

Thursday Links Fellowship

I am currently on assignment in China. This group of men plays golf every Thursday afternoon at different courses around Chicagoland from April through October and many players share a meal together after golf, time permitting.

If you would like to join this group you can contact Jack Pfeiffer at 1-630-245-6959 to see which course they are playing each week.

Thursday Group Links Fellowship 01

Thursday Group Links Fellowship 02

See you at the first tee…


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